Big NIVEA Philippines Sale - 50% Off All Products

In 2014, Nivea Philippines called it the Blue Week Sale. This year, it is the Big Nivea Sale and it is 50% off ALL of their products again! The promo is from May 1 - 9 (or until supplies last) and available in leading department stores, supermarkets and drugstores. Hoard crazy!

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I went on the first day so most of the products are still available. But try to get them now because these usually run out fast - as in the first three days!!! I got most of what I NEED and consistently USE but I still feel like going back on Monday. ;) #hoarderproblems

My shopping list...

Big NIVEA Philippines Sale
50% Off All Products and Prices

Nivea PH Big Sale 2015 Whitening Lotions

Whitening Cell Repair And Protect Body Milk 40x Vit C 152
UV Whitening Body Serum SPF25 120
Body Whitening Night Serum 122

In Shower Body Lotion Dull Skin 120
In Shower Body Milk Dry Skin 85
In Shower Body Lotion Normal Skin 80

Kids Swim & Play Sun Lotion
Kids Caring Sun Lotion 234
Kids Sun Spray 255
Moisturizing Daily Face Fluid
Whitening Immediate Protection Face Cream

Nivea PH Big Sale 2015 50 Off

Fruity Shine Peach Lip Balm 45
Lip Butter Raspberry Rose 65

Mattifying Toner 87
Extra White Repair Pore Minimiser Toner 93
Deep Cleansing Mud Foam
Extra White Repair Pore Minimiser Scrub

Nivea PH Big Sale 2015 Promo

Total Anti Acne Oil Control Foam 110 (Pump)
Multi-Effect Cooling Volcanic Mud Foam 80
Whitening Acne Oil Control Cleanser & Scrub Pore Minimizer 95
Anti-Aging Facial Foam Age Repair 83
Extra Whitening Facial Foam Pore Minimizer 80
Extreme Comfort Shaving Gel 127
Moisturising Shaving Foam 108
Cool Kick Deodorant Stick
Nivea Men Dr Impact Stick
Invisible for Black and White Spray

Extra Whitening Stick
Double Effect Violet Senses Stick

Moisturizing Lotion 69
Fresh & Pure Wipes
Caring Powder
Silky Shine Shampoo
Pure and Sensitive Milk Wash
Pure and Sensitive Milk Lotion 92
Smoothy Cream


Lush Philippines Annual Sale 2015

Lush Philippines Christmas 2014 SM North Edsa


To be honest, I almost did not want to share this news with you guys as I want to take home all the goodies. But I feel that this kind of post is a tradition now in my blog. :) I have been listing Lush Philippines Annual Sale for three years and because I believe Lushies should unite (and I love you), I would never stop doing this!

For this Lush Sale which starts on January 9 to February 28, all Christmas products are 50% off and selected regular products are 30% off. Each branch will have different offerings but please take note to not overdo the shopping as Lush products will expire!

Check here for the complete list of Lush branches.

Here we go...

Lush Philippines Annual Sale 2015
Prices listed are ORIGINAL prices
V stands for Vegan



Lush Philippines Christmas 2014 Yog Nog

Baked Alaska 225 per 100g Uplifting organic lemon myrtle and grapefruit oil dance toe-to-toe with ylang ylang in this refreshing soap. V
Reindeer Rock 225 per 100g As red as Rudo;ph’s nose, this lingonberry soap will made you feel merry. V
Snowcake 245 per 100g Smells like the irresistible almond icing on your cake; feels like almond mousse on your skin.
Yog Nog 245 per 100g A festive creamy soap that will get you fired up for the Christmas party. V
Fairy Ring 275 per 100g A 100% palm-free soap made with circulation boosting fresh Shiitake mushrooms and scented with grounding myrrh. V

Hot Toddy 245 100g This Christmas spiced, deep red shower gel will warm your cockles and prepare you for winter fun. V
Rose Jam 295 100g | 595 250 g | 1095 520g Lather this sweet scented shower gel onto your skin with lemon to bring clarity and rose to lift the spirits. V
Snow Fairy 295 100g The smell of candy floss and pear drops. V
So White 245 100 g A sumptuous, shimmering shower gel with fresh apple to brighten the skin, rose absolute to soothe and bergamot and neroli oils to lift the spirits. V

Snowman Jelly 245 This snowman is more than a little bit fruity, with blackcurranty buchu oil and nourishing carrot oil. V


Lush Philippines Christmas 2014 FUN

Gold FUN 325 This limited edition gold fun is scented with the comforting fragrance of Honey I Washed The Kids. V
Snowman FUN 345 Black, orange and white FUN to make our very own snow people. V



Lush Philippines Christmas 2014 Bath

Butterbear 175 A creamy vanilla-scented bath with cocoa butter to soften the skin. V
Cinders 195 Fizz, crackel and pop! A spicy soda scented, crackling candy bath ballistic. V
Dashing Santa 195 Watch Santa fly around the bath with this jolly Satsuma-scented bath bomb. V
Father Christmas 245 A festive green and red bath bomb to bring Santa’s presence into the bath. V
Golden Wonder For a golden, lustre-filled bath with refreshing lime oil and the uplifting scent of a sparkling cocktail. V
Lord of Misrule 245 Revel in the bath with this bath bomb that creates a wine colored, mystically-scented bath. V
Luxury Lush Pud A multicoloured bath bomb with tonka absolute, ylang ylang and lavender oils. Creating a bright yet peaceful soak. V
Shoot for the Stars A stunning nightsky portrayed in your tub to the scent of Honey I Washed The Kids, brazilian orange and bergamot oils. V
So White A crisp and delicate, apple scented bath bomb as pure as the driven snow. V
Northern Lights 245 A sparkling and swirling bath bomb that transforms your bathwater into a spectacular night sky display. V
Sparkler 245 Turn your water into a spectacular bonfire night display with this sparkling, crackling and fizzing bath bomb. V


Lush Philippines Christmas 2014 Bubble Bars

Candy Mountain Candy sweet vanilla bubble bar for huge clouds of comforting foam. V
Christmas Eve Sink into the calming blue waters with the soothing fragrance of jasmine and ylang ylang. V
Christmas Hedgehog 225 Unfurl in silky waters with this bubble bar as soothing essential oils get to work on frosty moods. V
Drummers Drumming 375 Have a hit at bath time with this reusable musical strawberry-sweet bubble bar. V
Holly Go Lightly 325 Revive your spirit with this comforting Christmas-scented bubble bar. V
Magic Wand For bathtime magic, swish Snow Fairy’s wand for (nearly) never ending candy floss bubbles/ V
The Christmas Penguin 225 Orange flower absolute and mandarin oil makes this bubbly little chap a real pick-me-up. V
Wizard 225 Cast a jingle spell over a weariness with this shimmering bubble bar that makes bath time magic. V
Sparkly Pumpkin 245 A warming and cheerful bubble bar to add sparkle to cold nights. V

Melting Snowman A spicy softening snowman soak to help tiredness melt away. V
Snow Angel 275 A moisturizing cocoa butter bath melt that dissolves into a shimmering blanket of snow. V
Star Light, Star Bright 225 Like bathing in starlight, lift your mood with Persian lime oil and soften your skin with shea butter and extra virgin coconut oil. V

Celebrate 895 225g A sumptuous body lotion with oranges, almond oil and lime with a splash of cognac to put you in the festive mood. V
Snow Fairy Sparkle Massage Bar Stroke fairy dust onto your skin with this sweetly-scented sparkling softening bar. V
First Snow Dusting Powder A citrusy powder to leave skin looking as if it's been kissed by twinkling snowflakes. V

Santa Baby Lip Tint 375 A festive red lip tint with cherries and date to give you sweet, kissable lips. V
Santa’s Lip Scrub 375 A sugary lip scrub for delicious, fizzy-cola tasting Christmas kisses. V


Lush Philippines Christmas 2014 Gifts

If you are lucky, you might still score gift sets that are gorgeously wrapped. I suggest you ask for Joy to the World, Festive Cheer, Snowtime, Shine, Home for Christmas, Winter Garden, Cosy Christmas and White Christmas.

I also saw Rockstar soap, Fair Trade Honey Shampoo, Gorilla fragrances and Emotional Brilliance cosmetics that are discounted. This is a good chance to try a couple of products from their regular line.

Getting excited now? I am, too! I hope we could all go and shop together. That would be really FUN!

Happy 2015 Lushies! xo Bree

*Check the past Lush Philippines Annual Sales of 2014 and 2013.

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